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tv   News  ABC  August 15, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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monday morning. temperatures to near 70. we are currently dry in sykesville and westminister. 68 showers trying to pop this morning. this afternoon's high 82. let's look at the beltway. we are doing well so far this morning. 65 at wilkins avenue, we have steady traffic in both directions, but not much volume. we are doing well also at hartford road, top side of the beltway. new developments right now in the case of the missing frederick woman who disappeared in aruba. we are going to have more on the man who she was vacationing
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with. linda so is here with the very latest. authorities in aruba plan to pursue criminal charges against him. a judge there will decide if there is enough evidence to keep giardano in custody. if the judge feels there isn't enough probable cause, giardano could be released and free to return home. over the week authorities searched his home in gaithersburg. giardano claims gardner was swept away while the two were snorkeling together in aruba. >> i would be willing to bet they order him to stay in
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aruba. >> one of gary giardano's ex girlfriends says on a prior trip with him he had her sign a life insurance policy with giardano as beneficiary. a rockville man who planned to leave pakistan today has been absolute ducked. warren weinstein is helping to develop the economy there. on sunday men broke into his home and took him. weinstein has a ph.d. in international law as well as economics. an iowa family took the law into their own hands after robert harding tried to lure their 13-year-old into an alley. the woman confronted him and he asked to marry the teenager, so the mother punched harding in the face. >> he said i want to marry the
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red head. i came unglued, i'm like dude she is only 13. >> when police arrived, they say harding mid he was trying to get the girl alone. he now faces charges of enticing a minor. a thief makes off with a valuable rembrandt drawing. the piece, known as the judgment, is worth anest mated $250 million. the thief snatched it from the lobby of the ritz-carlton there. a standoff at a tulsa, oklahoma radio tower continues. it is the fifth consecutive day this man has been hanging around there they have offered food, cigarettes, counseling, what have you. no luck. police don't know exactly why
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he is up there. years after her death marilyn monroe is drumming up controversy. >> joe dimagio stormed off the set when her skirt was blown-up by a p by a sidewalk grate. >> do you think this is a little tacky? >> no. >> it is gorgeous. >> i'm an elementary school teacher. i find is offensive. >> needless to say, you like it or not. we want to know what you think about it. did you think the statue is too steamy? or do you think it is a good tribute to the actress? share your thoughts on the abc 2 facebook fan page.
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one factor can increase the risk of stroke in women. >> we are going to tell what you it is and how to lower that risk, when we come back. something we all like to hear, gas prices headed down. how much and just ahead, you are watching "good morning maryland." thanks for making us a part of your monday morning.
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showing women how they really look. not what you see in magazines. charlie, this is interesting because every day we are bombarded by images of women in the media. very often they are not like women we see in real life.
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now a new website wants to give a look at real women and girls. it is called my body g you can actually search the sigh. plug things in, height, weight, pant size, and it will give you women that have similar bodies. if you take a look, most of these images are protected. their faces aren't shown. the website says they are doing this. we want to know what you think. do you like the idea? would you post images of yourself? >> if you are interested in learning more about the website, head to ab c-2
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win dixie, publix and kroger have recalled more than 60,000 pounds of beef on friday. there is proof at the pump that prices could be ledded down. the average price for gas is down 9 cents through the past three weeks. experts to believe caused a decline in crude oil prices. the average price is $3.60. mid grade is $3.76 and people ium unleaded down 7 cents. as always we are working to save you at the pump. head to click on the traffic tab to find the least expensive gas in your
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surrounding area. a study could be revealing new information on autism. just ahead. look at this the last 20 minutes a storm erupted right on brooklyn park. right over the key bridge and the tunnels as well. this thing is just sitting there and expanding. we'll have a radar tour coming up in a moment. here's tonya. >> reporter: we are starting to get some volume top side of the beltway and on the northwest side, we are starting to become stop and go. we'll give you another look at traffic when "good morning maryland" continues.
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i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. local heavy downpours and flooding possible. we had flood watches and warnings throughout the day yesterday. no doubt we'll have more today. this one has been going since about 6:20. brick lynn park, riviera -- brooklyn park and 895 and running over the tunnels essentially. the south side of baltimore, heavy rain pushing its way in. by the way, the southern edge of this line now trying to fill up east side of annapolis. pull it back wider. lacks lake there is also another shower trying to pop up along
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this boundary. the sun is breaking out. hartford road remains closed. look at 95 north of 195. no problems to report here. mostly southbound. let's move north of here, 95 north of the beltway. still we have our heavier traffic to the left of your screen. the rain came pouring down, leaving a huge mess on the roads, even in homes. linda so is here. the water reaching up to five feet. let's take you to north point boulevard, where the high water caught a lot of people off guard. one man was found standing on the top of his car, waiting for rescuers to save him. then you have what happened to
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maureen martindale. her apartment was completely flooded out to make matters worse, the apartment manager told her a plumber wouldn't be able to make it out sunday. in the end a restoration company finally came. >> i pay $1219 a month. that is my rent. $1219 and this is what we have to deal with. at one point during the flooding, police and fire were sending out tweets, telling drivers to not even dare going down certain roads. you can see one stalled on the roadway. it was a similar scene all over the united states. this morning, friends and family are remembering a husband and father killed in
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afghanistan. specialist jameel freeman leaves behind a wife and two kids. he died when an ied detonated near his vehicle. freeman was 26 years old. a facebook page remembers him. friends and family are sharing memories and expressing condolences. if you would like to leave a message for the family go to facebook and search. a man in brooklyn park is accused of attacking his own mother. he started choking his mother when his stepfather tried to break it up. chapman grabbed a knife and stabbed him. all three are expected to recover. 6:48 right now. police are searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting that happened in the 2900 block
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of edgecombe circle. when they got there, police say they found a man with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. the inindict state fair is expected to open back up this morning. forecasters warned the conditions and told people to seek shelter. witnesses say the storm came on so fast the stage snapped like a toothpick. the accident happened just before the band sugar land took the stage. a memorial service is being held for former maryland first lady mimi lee. lee passed away on august 9th at the age of 91.
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she game the first lady when her husband took over as acting governor back in 1977. a special memorial for baltimore colts legend john mackey, who died last month. saturday a special service was held later on honor his legacy. john mackey died after a decade long battle with dementia. 39 economists polled by usa today. said even if the country avoids another session, they believe growth will puddle along. the economy must grow well above 3% to significantly cut unemployment. all eyes will be on wall street this monday morning. the asian stock markets are up
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a few percentage points. in democracy's 2012 one republican is out. saturday texas governor rick perry formally announced his bid. tim polenti finished a distant third in the iowa straw poll. he struggled despite laying the groundwork for his campaign. the pivotal straw poll has been won by congresswoman michelle bachmann, but it was very close. bachmann said it is the first step in taking the white house back. bachmann emphasized her faith and iowa roots. a new study suggests nearly one in five children with an older sibling who is autistic
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will develop autism as well. overall, 132 infants or 19% ended up with autism. doctors say women with depression are at a higher risk for stroke. this does not mean all antidepressants can cause stroke. doctors say that this is often because depression keeps them from being active and eating properly. on the heels of the iowa straw poll the president is headed to the midwest. president obama today begins his three day economic bus tour across iowa and illinois. lawyers calling for the
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release of the united states tourist gary giardano in aruba. prosecutors are asking that he be held in aruba for eight additional days. he said gardner disappeared while snorkeling. bay area rapid transit district officials are working on a strategy, trying to block a plan by protesters to disrupt bart services monday afternoon. their website had the names and e-mail addresses of customers
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published online. get your back to school shopping done this week. you'll save some money. the state of maryland is giving you a sales tax break just in time for this coming school year. tax free week applies to the 6% tax on clothing and shoes valued at less than a hundred bucks per item. the baltimore grand prix is less than a month away and already making a positive impact on local neighborhoods. today they are going to present a check to the community. also today, indy car series driver mike conway is going to unveil liz new car. -- his new car.
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now staring to see a little hint of a circulation. that is just a little spin in the atmosphere. doesn't mean we'll drop any funnels out of this. riviera beach through green haven and wrapping its way through brooklyn park, we are going to have to sit and watch this thing. it is drifting from the triple bridges. also showers popping up up toward pretty boy reservoir. >> as this system tries to push through -t seems to enhance some of the rainfall. you can see that popping up on the radar. the wide view wrapping around this upper level low. there is our trough. sun popping out especially west and south of baltimore. we'll actually help develop more showers and storms and a pocket
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of cool air. today we are going 82 optimistically. a nice 86 wednesday. harrisburg southbound. no incidents reported in your way. let's look at the beltway. on the outer look at liberty road. we are getting volume, but in the a problem yet. as a reminder 25 and 55 on the hour we have updates on weather and on traffic. so you are going to keep the storm system. >> i think it is an issue. there could be flooding on the south side this morning. be careful out there.
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